Responding to Racism

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On 17th March ActNow Theatre were awarded a Governor’s Multicultural Award in recognition of their work on interactive theatre performance Responding to Racism with Reconciliation South Australia

Responding to Racism is an interactive theatre performance developed in partnership with Reconciliation SA to identify, respond, and prevent racism.

The performance follows the character of Mik, a young Indigenous student who is contending with constant racism from his friend and football team mate, Chris. Meanwhile, a new student arrives at school, Ashlee, who is being stereotyped and discriminated against for wearing a headscarf.

The performance uses interactive forum theatre techniques to present the same scenario at various ‘levels’ of racism, ranging from completely overt abuse to much subtler prejudices and inappropriate behaviour. In doing so, the performance is able to explore what’s in the undercurrent of everyday racism.

ActNow theatre are contributors to Creating Australia’s CACD500. Read about Zero Feet Away another great project of theirs on the CACD500 and make sure you contribute your CACD projects while you’re there.

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