CACD & the Budget

What’s in the budget? Creating Australia was not in the budget lock-up (weep!) but we’ve looked at the media this morning and here’s our first take on the 2014 Budget concerning issues applicable to community arts and cultural development (CACD) practice.

Impact on those on lower incomes and those who are disadvantaged will potentially have flow on effects to the environment in which CACD practitioners work.

What the media are saying:

  • ‘Cuts will deliver a world of pain to the young’ – Laura Tingle AFR
  • ‘Seniors must adjust to change’ – John Wasiliev AFR
  • $500m cuts to programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – 150 programs consolidated ‘to cut waste’
  • Freeze in funding for local councils – about $1b less for roads and community services over 4 years
  • Public broadcasters take a $44m hit
  • Budget cuts to Australia Council and Screen Australia – $87m over 4 years

The proposal to abolish Australia’s National Charity Register does not seem to have flowed through to the Budget which allocated $53.6m to the ACNC over 4 years.

Previous changes to the Australia Council are leading to a new strategic plan, new peer assessment structure and new grants model and details of these will be announced from July 2014.

Sue-Anne Wallace

Executive Chair